About us

Moonflower Oils and Spices co. Ltd ,was set up in 2004 to commercialise essential oils produced in Vietnam.

The essential oil industry in the country evolved out of the exploitation of natural forest products, and plays an important role in the subsistence of rural households, particularly those in upland areas. The collection, cultivation, trade and processing of herbs, leaves, bark, seeds and fruits provide employment to thousands of people.

Traditional production methods for essential oils do not always guarantee the quality level demanded by the international market.

Moonflower has been closely involved in helping producers to optimise production, and to provide them with a growing market at reasonable prices, giving them feedback on the orientation and evolution in demand.

Over the years, Moonflower’s office in Ho Chi Minh City became the sales point for a broad range of essential oils, both locally produced and imported from India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Albania and other origins.

An important aspect of Moonflower is its involvement in organic certified essential oils. Indeed it acts as the local controller for Belgian company Vossen & Co (www.vossenbio.com), checking the application of EC and USA rules for organic production at every stage, from cultivation and collection of raw material to distillation, packing, handling, storage and ultimately shipping of organic certified Vietnamese essential oils.